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Covid-19 support from energy suppliers

Your energy supplier may be able to offer you some help if you're unable to top-up your pre-payment meter due to self-isolation.

Tell your supplier if you can’t get to a shop to top up because you’re ill with coronavirus or following guidance to ‘self-isolate’. You’ll find their contact details on their website or on your bill.

They’ll try to help you find other ways to keep your energy supply connected. For example: 

  • let someone else top up for you
  • add funds to your account
  • send you a pre-loaded top-up card

Citizens Advice says that you will need to pay back any credit your supplier gives you - ask them when and how you’ll need to do this.

Different suppliers have different ways of supporting their customers who are affected. The 'big six' advise that if you contact them and advise that you are self-isolating, they will send out 2 weeks’ worth of gas/electricity or top up if on a smart meter:

If you are supplied by another company, you should contact them to ask how they can help you.

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