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What are the main ways to save energy in my home?

For useful ways to save energy and lower your fuel bills, visit the Doncaster Council's Energy Team website.

Doncaster Council's Energy Team advise people on how to save energy and help improve the energy efficiency of their homes.  They also give advice on energy switching and grants available to help save energy and money.

You can contact the energy team on 01302 737053.

Can I save money by changing my energy supplier?

You may be able to save money by changing your supplier. Speak to the energy team 01302 737053 or visit the Citizens Advice Bureau website for more information.

Are there cheaper ways to pay for my energy?

Some methods of payment are more expensive than others and different companies will charge different amounts.

For example, it is usually cheaper if you:

  • Have gas and electricity from the same supplier (dual fuel)

  • Pay by direct debit (remember your payments may only be adjusted once a year, even if prices go up or down during the year)

  • Opt for online rather than paper billing

Check our 'Reducing Expenditure' pages on how to save even more.

Is it cheaper to have a prepayment meter installed?

Paying for gas and electricity using a prepayment meter can help you manage a budget, especially if you are on a low income. However it can mean you pay more for the energy you use.

Visit the Citizens Advice Bureau website for more information.

I already have a prepayment meter, how do I switch to a credit meter?

If you are not in debt with your energy supplier you can ask them to replace your prepayment meter with a credit meter which can give you access to cheaper gas and electricity.

Some suppliers will want to charge you for this, however you can look into switching to a new supplier who will do it for free. Or alternatively, tell them you're thinking of switching and they may waive the fee.

Visit the Citizens Advice Bureau website for more information.

Is there any financial help available to help me make my home more energy efficient?

Green Deal

The Green Deal is a government backed scheme to help individuals make energy saving improvements to their home or business without having to pay all of the costs up front.

For more information visit the Energy Saving Trust

Energy Company Obligations (ECO)

The ECO is the Government’s new domestic energy efficiency programme. It means on energy suppliers must improve the energy efficiency of households and works alongside the Green Deal to provide additional support for packages of energy efficiency measures.

For more details visit the page

Some grants and schemes described on this website will not be available to tenants of St. Leger Homes of Doncaster Ltd.

Is St. Leger doing anything to help make their homes more energy efficient?

St Leger Homes is committed to reducing the environmental impact of all that it does. Find out more here.

Will my water bills be cheaper if I have a water meter?

Visit Yorkshire Water’s website to find out how much metered water costs. In 2014/15 prices vary from about £4.02 a week for one person (low usage) through to over £16.19 a week for five people (high usage).

If you would like to have a water meter installed in your home, please contact our surveyor on 01302 862269 or 01302 862270 for permission. For an indication of costs where the water is unmetered please contact Yorkshire Water.

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