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What will my options be?

If you are affected by the under occupancy deduction because you are deemed to have a spare bedroom, there are various options available to you:

Paid employment

This should be the first option to consider. You can search and apply for jobs on the GOV.UK website.   

If you live in one of our homes you can register for the World of Work Academy, which is a step-by-step programme to help you try different jobs at St Leger Homes and build up your skills. Furthermore it won't affect your benefits unless you are offered a paid position and you choose to accept it.

For further help getting into to work, Business Doncaster provide personalised support to improve your skills, find suitable training opportunities or to gain a better job. For more details contact Business Doncaster on 01302 735555. 

Check you are receiving the correct benefits 

It is advisable to regularly check you are receiving the correct benefits. Use our benefit calculator to do this.

Manage your money

For help and advice on managing your money, our budgeting page will help you keep your spending in check.  

Down size

Think about looking for a property which is better suited to your needs. Doncaster HomeChoice Mutual Exchange Register can help you with the information you need. You can also phone them on 01302 862628. You may need to think about moving away from your area of choice to find a property to suit your needs.

Take in a lodger

This would be a personal decision and not one which St. Leger Homes or Doncaster MBC would actively encourage you to do. Having a lodger may help with household bills but they also may affect your entitlement to benefits. Also as the tenant, you are responsible for their actions if they commit anti-social behaviour. To see how you would be affected if you took in a lodger, enter your details into our benefit calculator.



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