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Am I working age or pension age?

People reaching their 60th birthday are no longer treated as being 'pension age'. Your Pension Credit age now depends on your date of birth and whether you’re male or female.

Click here to find out your Pension Credit age

Please note, your Pension Credit age may also be different to your State Pension age.

If you've reached Pension Credit age and you claim benefits, you may be affected by Welfare Reforms and other changes. Click here for more information.

If you are in a couple your eligibility for Pension Credit currently depends on the age of the older person, even if the older person in the couple is male. However, under Universal Credit both members of a couple will need to be eligible for Pension Credit in order for the Welfare Reform changes not to apply to them.

Please note, couples already in receipt of Pension Credit will not be affected by the changes.



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