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Tenants and Residents Involvement Panel (TRIP)


The Tenants and Residents Involvement Panel (TRIP) is the main customer led body that scrutinises (examines) all areas of St. Leger Homes of Doncaster.

The panel decides which areas of St Leger Homes it wishes to scrutinise.  The panel is provided with any information it requires in order to gain a detailed view and understanding of how that area performs. 

The panel then considers the evidence; making any observations, suggestions or recommendations, reporting their findings directly to the St Leger Homes Board. The Board has a formal duty to respond to the panel’s report, applying any improvements to services that have been identified and are viable ensuring that St Leger Homes continues to providing a value for money service for our customers.

The panel have previously carried out reviews on St Leger Homes service standards, scheduled repairs and tenant training.  They are currently involved in a project relating to waste management for St Leger Homes across the borough.  

To look at the reviews that TRIP have carried out click here

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