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Parking on your estate


The growth in car ownership means that parking of cars can often be a source of friction between neighbours. We ask that all drivers park with consideration and respect for others in the community.

In order to minimise any problems we have a number of regulations we ask you to adhere to.

  • Please do not park any vehicle on your garden area unless you have a suitable hardstanding or driveway and a dropped kerb.

  • Always park your car on a driveway, hard-standing area or designated parking bay

  • Please do not park a caravan, motor home or any other vehicle in or around your garden, communal parking area or on the street without written approval from your local St Leger Homes office

  • Please remember that poor parking might not only cause inconvenience and annoyance to other residents but can also obstruct access for emergency vehicles.

If you have any queries please contact your local St Leger Homes office and ask to speak to your Estates Officer.

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