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Communal area cleaning

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St Leger Homes has a service level agreement with Metroclean for cleaning some of our communal areas.

This agreement states that all communal areas in flats and maisonettes should be cleaned once every 15 working days to a set schedule of works which includes the following:-

  • Dustless sweep floor

  • Damp mop stairs and surrounding areas

  • Damp wipe banisters and surfaces

  • Dusting cupboard exterior surfaces/doors

  • Check and secure windows as necessary

  • Clean light switches

  • Dust radiators/heating units/windows sills and notice boards/window shutters

  • Emptying waste containers

  • Spot clean walls/doors/glass

  • Wash waste containers

  • Clean all accessible internal glass

At the completion of each clean the cleaner will place a postcard through each flat door detailing the date the clean was completed and a contact number for complaints/comments/compliments. 

If you have any comments/complaints/compliments about the service please contact our Customer Care Officer on 01302 862726, in person at any local St. Leger office, in writing to any St. Leger office or online using the form below:

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