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What you can do

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You have the right to live peacefully and securely in your own home and neighbourhood.

If you are the victim of anti-social behaviour or neighbour nuisance there are things you can do:

  • Contact us to report the problem, ask to speak to your Estates Officer
  • Report serious problems to the police and get an incident number.

  • Give us as much information as you can about the anti-social behaviour, time, date, where it happened, and who was involved. Use the downloadable forms below to help you

  • If there is a dispute with a neighbour try to speak to them calmly about the problem first, if the problem continues contact us

  • Help us investigate the anti-social behaviour by filling in the monitoring form we will give you or download one below

  • Act as a witness, with our support, if legal action is necessary

  • Contact Victim Support Doncaster for help and emotional support
  • A Community Trigger is the process where a member of the community can request a review of their case, to ensure that a group of agencies have provided an appropriate response to the reported anti-social behaviour.   View further information on the website or leaflet below     

If you have any concerns or questions about anti-social behaviour, please contact your local St. Leger office and ask to speak to your Estates Officer.

If you case is already being investigated you can download the forms below to record incidents of anti-social behaviour.  Once complete the forms should be forwarded to your local St. Leger office for the attention of the Estates Officer dealing with your case.

View or download Anti-Social Behaviour Monitoring Form

Advice on completing Anti-social behaviour Monitor Forms



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