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How can I make a report of nuisance or anti-social behaviour?

You may contact your Estates Officer direct by telephone using our Contacts Directory or call into your local St. Leger office where you can be interviewed in a private room.

Will you take my complaint seriously?

Yes, your initial complaint will be given a priority or 'Risk Rating' depending upon the seriousness of the allegations and all complaints are dealt with in strict confidence.

Will I need to give my name and address?

Yes, we do prefer you to provide your details but these are not disclosed to the person you are complaining about.

Do I need to provide evidence of the nuisance?

Yes, you will need to supply details of the nuisance you are experiencing but we can arrange to meet you at a convenient location to discuss this. You might also be asked to fill in  monitoring forms to record details of the nuisance.

What action will you take?

In many cases problems and disputes can be resolved through discussion with those involved. If a problem cannot be resolved there are a range of legal remedies we can consider for serious and persistent cases of anti-social behaviour, including Possession Proceedings, Injunctions and Demoted Tenancy.

Will I be kept informed of what is happening?

Yes, we will report back to you at regular intervals throughout the progress of your case.

Will other organisations be involved?

Yes, where appropriate we will work with our partners, such as the Police, Fire Service, Youth Services, Education Welfare, Environmental Services and Doncaster Borough Council.          

Will I have to act as a witness?

Where legal proceedings are necessary, you might be asked to be a witness. We will give you all the support we can and work with other partners, including the Police and  Doncaster Victim Support when appropriate. See our page on Support For Witnesses.

If you have any further questions or concerns about anti-social behaviour, please contact us



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