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Demoted tenancy


Tenants who engage in criminal or anti-social behaviour put their tenancy at risk.

One of the options open to us in extreme or repeated cases of anti-social behaviour is to apply to the County Court for a Demotion Order which then creates a Demoted Tenancy.

Once granted, the Demotion Order lasts for one year. During this time the tenant must abide by all the terms and conditions of their Tenancy Agreement or risk further legal action, including the loss of his or her home.

A Demotion Order is a serious warning to a tenant that anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated and that they risk losing their home if it persists. Seeking a Possession Order for eviction from the Court is made much easier when a Demoted Tenancy is in place.

A tenant that is subject to a Demotion Order loses the Right to Buy and the right to exchange or transfer tenancies.

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