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Be a Good Neighbour


The Doncaster Federation of Tenants and Residents Associations has produced some helpful common sense advice on reducing the risk of neighbour disputes.

  • On moving into your home, introduce yourself to your neighbours and check if anything you are doing is causing a nuisance
  • Do not play music loudly as it could keep neighbours and their children awake
  • Avoid slamming doors, especially at night
  • Be mindful that in summer, with open windows, noise from your home can disturb neighbours
  • If you can’t carpet your home throughout, wear slippers to minimise noise
  • Consider your neighbours when carrying out DIY projects and keep them informed of what you are doing
  • If you have a party let your neighbours know and perhaps invite them
  • Do not allow your children to play ball games where this is likely to cause a nuisance
  • Remember that dogs are not allowed as pets in some types of property such as flats with shared entrances
  • Ensure your dog can’t get out of your garden to cause a nuisance but do not leave it chained up if it barks, make sure you clean up any dog waste regularly 
  • Keep your garden free from rubbish and the lawns and hedges cut 
  • If your neighbour does something that offends you, have a quiet word before it gets out of hand, if you can't resolve it then speak to your Estates Officer.

If you have any questions or concerns about anti-social behaviour or neighbour nuisance please contact us.



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