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St Leger Homes of Doncaster really want to celebrate the young people of Doncaster who work hard in their community, making a real difference to the lives of other young people and the community alike. In July 2018 we held our third Tenant Choice Awards and 4 young people were nominated for all of their hard work and success, all who deserved the nomination and all of whom would have been deserving winners. Morgan Tiplady became the overall winner for 2018. She is a credit to her community, helping out at her local foodbank during the holidays and in her spare time, supporting customers that attend with their individual needs, making sure that they have a supportive ear and signposting them to people who can help. She works hard at Trinity Academy, being given a Good Citizen Award for all her hard work at school. She is an amazing young lady and thoroughly deserves this award. 

Morgan had this to say on the day she was awarded YOUNG PERSON OF THE YEAR 2018  “My aunt Anne got me into the food bank and making a difference locally. Sadly she passed away, but I wanted to carry on doing it. I enjoy helping people and really pleased to win this award.”

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