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There are opportunities for you to become involved. In addition to our Menu of Involvement we have specific roles for you if you are aged 16-25 years.

Could you help shape the way we work with young people and promote our work?

Our Young Persons’ Engagement Board is looking for under 25s across the borough to help advise us on how to best engage with young people and promote our services.

If that doesn’t appeal then there are other activities which may. Consultation on areas of the business with a young person, fun focus for example, meets on an ad hoc basis and is the perfect forum for anyone wanting to influence how St Leger Homes works and how we support our tenants and residents. It specifically focuses on the needs of young people.

Youth Proofing, which helps us make our documents young person friendly, is another volunteer activity which needs more participants.

All these will enable you to add something extra to your CV.

Even if none of these things interest you, by contacting us we can put you in touch with other organisations all over Doncaster where you can volunteer at a time to suit you. Visit our Facebook page for further details.So apply today to build your confidence, learn new skills, meet new people and get involved. 

Please complete the form to volunteer today. 

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