St Leger Homes of Doncaster

Our Commitments 2016-2021

We are currently updating our strategy (2022) and will update you soon with the new commitments we pledge to support our young people tenants. For now, our previous and current commitments ensure young people have the opportunity to shape our services, so they meet their needs in the best way possible. We also want to invest in young people to increase employment, life skills and confidence in Doncaster communities. 

Commitment 1

We will increase confidence amongst young people in Doncaster to access housing and be able to maintain a home by:

  • Engaging with young people to develop a training package that young people can access to include advice on budgeting and managing a home.
  • Supporting young people appropriately who are impacted by welfare benefit changes.
  • Working with all partner organisations including the Children’s Trust on engaging young people in the various protocols.

Commitment 2

We will increase young people’s awareness of St Leger Homes of Doncaster in the community and the services we provide by:

  • Promoting good news stories involving young people and St Leger Homes within the community.
  • Developing new innovative ways of raising our profile in communities, influenced by what young people tell us.
  • Sharing our good news stories, and work we do in Doncaster with other organisations who work with young people.
  • Developing links with young person’s organisations, schools and such to promote our services.

Commitment 3

We will improve communication and engagement with young people using varied formats and provide the opportunities for young people to influence services by:

  • Creating a Young Person’s Engagement Board.
  • Reaching our young people through social media, including Facebook, Twitter and by any other platforms that may be introduced to the business in the future. We will ensure that young people are aware how to access and use them and the topics are interesting and useful to young people.
  • Sharing information with other young person’s organisations for their social media and other means of communication with young people.
  • Continuing to develop other means of engagement and communication through working with young people.
  • Developing new innovative ways to work with young people.
  • Linking into existing young person’s groups and boards that are already in place across the Borough.
  • Continuing to monitor, consult and improve the way we communicate with young people.

Commitment 4

We will improve confidence, employment opportunities and life skills for young people in the Borough by:

  • Developing a training package, co-developed by young people, tailored to suit young people’s needs.
  • Continuing to promote and showcase the World of Work Academy and Apprenticeships we offer young people of Doncaster.
  • Creating Youth Committees to encourage young people to become more involved with St Leger Homes underpinning the development of the Young Person’s Engagement Board.
  • Linking young people to other organisations who offer training and empowerment opportunities, such as National Citizen Service.
  • Continuing to develop opportunities through the use of Positives Activities Funding.
  • Developing the Schools Partnership Project programme, to link into further schools to develop enrichment programmes for young people, to assist with living in the wider world.



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