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Click on the link below to view a time guide to help you choose how to become involved in a way that suits you.

Ways to get involved

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Customers can earn points by being involved through attending consultation events, focus groups, joining in with our reality checking, mystery shopping or by simply completing a questionnaire.  All you need to do is register with our get involved group to be eligible to collect the points, the points you earn will be exchanged for shopping vouchers.

Points are calculated over a six month period, and you will be notified about how many points you have earned. 

Every 50 points that you collect, can be exchanged for a £5 gift voucher.

Click here to see what points are awarded for different types of involvement.

St. Leger Homes of Doncaster are committed to delivering excellent services to our customers.

We gather customer feedback in a range of ways including  mystery shopping and reality checking.


Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping involves tenant volunteers telephoning St. Leger Homes staff and asking them a set of questions. Staff responses are then measured against the Customer Services Commitments based around telephone answering standards and knowledge of their job.

Records are made of each individual call which are analysed.  Following on from this, a report on staff performance is produced which compares performance with previous results and identifies areas for improvement.

Reality Checking

Reality checking is carried out by a tenant volunteer and a member of St. Leger Homes staff.  They carry out inspections in our empty homes that are ready to let.  These are scored for safety, cleanliness, condition and the volunteer scores on whether they would like to live in the property.

The information is reported to the Executive Management Team at St. Leger Homes and actions are put in place to improve any failing elements.

How can I get involved? 

Anyone wishing to join in any of these activities will be given training and each time you help us we will give you a gift voucher as a way of saying thank you.

If you are interested then please contact Nikki Duffy on 01302 736533.

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