St Leger Homes of Doncaster

Customer Involvement Priorities

In order to develop, embed and improve the Customer Involvement Service over the next three years we have developed 4 Key Priorities based on feedback from both our customers and staff. 

Priority 1: Increase opportunities for engagement and involvement with modern and effective ways

• Remove barriers to being involved to involve uninvolved tenants

• Increase our digital mechanisms for customer involvement to make it easier for tenants to be involved

• Increase involvement and engagement with our young people and hard to reach groups

Priority 2: Ensure customer involvement and engagement is structured and aligned to our business priorities and the priorities of our tenants

• Making sure we engage and involve tenants in the right things

• Ensure the feedback we receive is meaningful and effective

• Enabling tenants to have a voice nationally

Priority 3: Demonstrate value in customer involvement by showing outcomes and changes

• Link customer involvement outcomes into our governance structure to ensure feedback is communicated to committees and the Board

• Demonstrate that the work we do really makes a difference to our tenants lives and communities

Priority 4: Create confident and thriving communities where people want to live and work through training, positive activities, TARAs and community groups

• Build confidence in tenants and increase skills to sustain and manage their tenancies

• Increase community cohesion and confidence through new groups and building capacity and skills to be self sufficient



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