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St Leger Homes of Doncaster has launched a consultation with tenants to get their views on possible changes to the local housing allocation policy.

Reviews of the policy take place around every four years to ensure it is fit for purpose and meets the needs of tenants, as well as reflects the changes that the Government has issued to local authorities. Changes in the housing market, and a need to ensure the best use of housing stock is made, means that specific changes are being put to tenants for their views at the current time.

The consultation is taking place between 9th January and 5th February.

Paul Tanney, Chief Executive of St Leger Homes, said:

“It is important that our properties are allocated as quickly as possible to people who have the most need. We want to ensure that our tenants have their say in how our local housing allocation policy works and that the needs of the local area are properly reflected.

“I hope that people will take the time to engage with this short consultation, to help us frame a policy that continues to put their needs at the centre of our work in local communities.”

Cllr Jane Nightingale, Cabinet Member for Housing at Doncaster Council, said: “It is great news that St Leger Homes is actively listening to the views of local residents through this consultation on housing allocations in Doncaster. We are looking to make Council housing more accessible and more responsive to local needs. I look forward to hearing what people locally have to say on these issues.”

To take part in the consultation, visit

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