In order to improve our service to customers it is important that we monitor our performance.

  • We measure the things that we do against service standards
  • We use this information to improve our customer service
  • We share this information so customers can see how we're performing
  • We seek to develop new and better ways to monitor performance

The table below reports progress against a key selection of our targets.

For more detailed performance information, click here.

Performance information is also reported to each Board meeting - the full reports are available here.

What we do


How we are doing?

Deal with complaints

We aim to acknowledge 100% of complaints within 3 working days and respond to 95% of complaints within 10 working days.

In June 2011 we acknowledged 99.00%  of complaints within 3 working days and we responded to 100.00% of complaints within 10 working days.

Carry out non-urgent repairs to homes We aim to complete non-urgent repairs within 20 working days.

In June 2011 the average time to complete non-urgent repairs was 17.68 days.

Complete Decency refurbishment to homes

To be agreed in July.

In June 2011 we completed refurbishment to 95 homes bringing the total to 295 homes.

Service Satisfaction Level for Decent Homes works.

We aim to reach a 97% satisfaction rate.

In May 2011 91.18% of our tenants were satisfied with the decency work carried out to their home.  (1 month in arrears)

Reduce Rent Loss through homes being empty

We aim to reduce Void Rent Loss to 1.00% by the end of the year.

In June 2011 Void Rent Loss was 0.99%.

Monitor the number of vacant homes

To be confirmed.

In June 2011 we had 324 vacant homes compared to 322 in May 2011.

Reduce customer rent arrears


We aim to ensure that current rent arrears are no more than 1.62% of the total amount we collect each year.

In June 2011 we were owed 2.06% of the total amount we should collect each year.

Reduce rent arrears of former customers

We aim to reduce arrears of former customers to less than £1,750,000.

In June 2011 we were owed £1,286,435 from former customers.

Resolve cases of anti-social behaviour / Breaches of tenancy conditions


In June 2011 we resolved/closed 297 cases of anti-social behaviour / breaches of tenancy conditions bringing the total for the year to 863 cases.

If you have any questions about our performance contact our Performance Team on 01302 862721 or 862724.

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