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Value for money

In this section you will find information on how St. Leger Homes are committed to providing value for money services to our customers in these difficult financial times and the mechanisms in place to measure this and make efficiencies.

Continually improving value for money is one of our strategic objectives – “Ensure we deliver Value for Money by making best use of our resources”

We have a Value for Money Strategy that has been approved by our Board and sets out our plans for achieving our objective. The strategy focuses on the customer, our costs, our key partnerships and an ethos of continuous improvement.

Value for Money does not just mean saving money. It is also about doing things in a more efficient way or getting more for your money. Value for Money also means providing services that tenants have prioritised and told us are important to them, so we are sure that we are spending money in the right places.

One of the ways we have been making these savings is by working with Efficiency North.

If you have any ideas or suggestions around how we can provide services in a more cost effective or efficient way, please email us.

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