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Safe and Secure Scheme


The Safer Stronger Doncaster Partnership Safe and Secure Scheme is a victim-centred initiative which aims to make it possible for victims of domestic abuse to remain in their homes and feel safe, if that is what they wish to do, rather than be forced to relocate to other areas away from family networks, employment and schooling.

1          Aims

  • Reduce homelessness caused by domestic abuse

  • Improve safety and security of victims and their children in their own homes

2          What is Safe and Secure?          

  • “Safe and Secure” describes a range of measures which may be provided to the victim or fitted to the property, to enhance safety and make the property secure. 

  • Safe and Secure will form part of a comprehensive package of interventions which meet the needs of the individual, and address the risks identified.

3          Eligibility Criteria

  • The victim has been identified as a victim of domestic abuse and is  receiving specialist support from the Doncaster Domestic Abuse Service (Riverside/ Domestic Abuse Caseworker, IDVA).

  • The risk can be managed without the need for the victim to relocate.

  • The perpetrator of the abuse is not resident at the property, and is not a joint tenant, owner occupier or a leaseholder.

  • There is evidence that the security of the property is relevant to the safety and well-being of the victim and any children.

  • Available Safe and Secure measures will contribute to increasing the safety and security of the family, as part of the MARAC Risk Management Plan or Domestic Abuse Support Plan.

  • The property is suitable for the installation of Safe and Secure measures, and for the housing needs of the family, in the longer term, (at least 12 months).

  • In the case of a private rented property, the written permission of the property owner has been obtained where required.

4        The following may be provided as part of the Safe                 and Secure service:

  • Provision of personal attack alarm and/or window alarm

  • Fire Safety Assessment from SY Fire and Rescue and provision of smoke alarm and other fire safety measures as appropriate.

  • Installation of additional security measures to the premises such as replacement and/or additional locks, bolts, Security Lighting, Telecare equipment. (NB  for Telecare, the home must have a landline and the Client will be responsible for the cost of £3.50 per week after the first month).

  • A TECSOS phone (High risk cases only).

5         What is not provided as part of Safe and Secure

  • Repairs to damaged property, eg broken windows, doors (advise client to check tenancy agreements/contact landlord. In the case of a private property, the owner occupier is responsible for repairs.

  • Major items such as Intruder Alarms, CCTV systems.

  • Security measures for areas other than the home, eg garage, outbuilding, fencing, gates etc.

6     Referral Process

  • Referral is made to one of the named support services.

  • IDVA/Caseworker/Floating Support worker visits, assesses risks and develops safety/support plan. This may identify need for Safe and Secure measures.

  • Safe an Secure Referral Form is completed by IDVA/caseworker/floating support worker and emailed to St Leger Homes.  

  • Work is arranged in liaison with the victim through St Leger Homes.  



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