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Social media is HUGE, with over 30 million people in the UK getting involved. People are having conversations, sharing photos and liking videos as well as learning new skills every day.

St Leger Homes of Doncaster (SLHD) understands good customer care reflects the whole culture of the organisation. It is one of our visions and strategic objectives to ensure that customers are at the heart of what we do. Good customer care is based upon not just the knowledge and skills of an individual but also upon the way the organisation as a whole presents a clear, positive and professional message.

We want you to get involved and stay in touch so we have created this guide to help everyone understand the Dos and Don’ts of Social Media along with more information on when and where you can find us.

We want to engage with you via a variety of methods that suit YOUR needs and you can currently find us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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General House Keeping

  • Posts on St Leger Homes Social Media sites  will be monitored during working hours Monday to Friday: 8:30am – 5:00pm (excluding Bank Holidays) with the exception of tweets sent during special activities for example award ceremonies, community events etc.

  • Any questions, messages or posts within working hours, will be responded to within 1 hour.

  • We will not share any customer data with any outside organisations and will abide by data protection legislation.

  • SLHD may choose to ‘follow’ or ‘like' or establish connections with other organisations using social media so that we can keep up to date with what people are saying. Where appropriate we may share their content which we feel maybe beneficial to our users /followers.

General advice

Please Do……

  • Ask us questions, post photos, leave comments and links relating to St Leger Homes or your communities

  • Be polite and courteous

  • Take care with your writing. You don’t have to be good at English to follow some basic rules: use a spell-checker; make sure your writing makes sense; DON’T USE CAPITAL LETTERS ALL THE TIME.

  • Think about your digital footprint. Everything you write can be read over and again, by millions of people, long after it has been written. So consider comments carefully; always write professionally. Before clicking ‘send’, ‘tweet’ or ‘go’, read what you’ve written – out loud preferably, at least twice! You never know who might be reading your words.

Please Don’t……

  • Use abusive, racist, sexist, homophobic threatening or inflammatory comments nuisance comments considered to be spam. If any comments like this are received St Leger Homes will delete them.

  • Use any material deemed to contain inappropriate images or levels of nudity, these will be also deleted.

  • Give your personal information given such as telephone numbers, address details, account numbers, we take your personal security seriously, please private message us if you would like us to call or get in contact with you personally.

  • Use any of our pages to promote political party messages or other political content. St Leger Homes is politically neutral in its communication and we will remove any content that in our view compromises our obligation to remain politically neutral.

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