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HomeChoice Guarantor Confirmation
The minimum age for inclusion on the housing register is 16. However, we will only allocate a tenancy to an applicant under 18 in exceptional circumstances, who have an agreed guarantor in place, and only after their circumstances have been verified. 
The criteria for guarantor’s for under 18’s 
• The guarantor must be a responsible adult 
• The guarantor should be in employment or have financial means to guarantee the rent, should the applicant fail to pay or damage the property making a recharge necessary 
• The guarantor must provide proof of financial ability, either by way of payslips or bank statement 
• The guarantor must understand the legal implications of guaranteeing the applicants rent, behaviour at the property and treatment of the property 
• The guarantor must fill in the appropriate forms and sign it before the applicant can be offered a property 
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