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Type talk and Translation

In partnership with the Royal National Institute for the Deaf (RNID), textphone users can now contact any department or individual member of staff by simply using the 18001 prefix before the number of the department or person you would like to speak to.

An RNID Typetalk Operator automatically joins the conversation and provides a link between the textphone user and the hearing person. Typetalk Operators understand the needs of deaf and speech-impaired people and provide a discreet and confidential service.  Further details can be found by using the website link below:-

Our Repairs Contact Centre FreePhone line can be accessed using Typetalk by prefixing the Call Centre number with 18001  e.g. 18001 0808 126 3123.

For instructions on how to use RNID typetalk please open the document below:-

RNID Typetalk Instructions

Got a Smartphone and want to translate yourself?

You can now translate documents – including handwritten text – yourself using a Smartphone App called Google Lens. 

While we can’t guarantee that the translation will always be 100% accurate (the same can be said about live translation) The App makes translating signs, letters, booklets and handwritten notes easy and more independent, meaning that you don’t need to rely as much on anyone else to help you.

The App works on computer screens, paper and a host of other mediums.

Google also provide other Apps that perform some of the functions of Google Lens, notably – Google Translate can translate in a similar fashion, although has less other functionality.

Follow the quick instructions on how to use the App below and then click on the link for your local App Store to download it and start using the App.

Google Lens logo.png
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Open The App.jpg


Step 1. Open the app. 

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Select The Translate.jpg


Step 2. Click on the ‘translate’ icon.

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Select The Language.jpg


Step 3. Select your language option.     

Show The Translation.jpg

Step 4. Hold the phone over the document or up to the sign and wait for it to translate the words. 

 Download the App from your App Store




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