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Fairness Group

The overall role of the Fairness Group is to ensure effective and coordinated action across the organisation to reduce disadvantages, discrimination and inequalities of opportunity, and promote Equality & Diversity in terms of the people it services, its workforce, the partners it works with and the services it delivers.

Chaired by the Head of Customer Services and supported by the Equalities Manager, the group looks at aspects of policy-making, service delivery and employment to meet obligations under the Equality and Diversity legislative and regulatory framework and to mainstream the promotion of equality and diversity in practice throughout the Organisation. It meets on 6 weekly basis and the membership includes a minimum of one representative from each service area. We may co-opt members, as and when specialist advice or expertise is needed.

Fairness Champions

The role of the Fairness Champions is to support the Fairness Group to mainstream equalities throughout the organisation, through the implementation of equality and diversity initiatives and where appropriate, providing advice and support to colleagues on equalities issues. Raising awareness, sharing information, practice and perspectives of equalities issues as directed by the Fairness Group. 

We have Fairness champions covering the following areas:

  • Repairs and Maintenance

  • Organisational Capacity & Support

  • Tenancy & Estate Management

  • Customer Care & Performance

  • Access & Financial Inclusion

  • Allocations

  • Asset Management

  • Trade Unions

  • Doncaster Council, Policy & Partnerships

  • Tenant Representative

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