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We are all looking to reduce the amount of waste we produce.  Ways to reuse or recycle.  Visit Doncaster Councils dedicated web page, it has lot of information on your local recycling centres.

Steps to help recycle at home

  • ·Find out what your bin men collect and what’s at your local recycling centre.
  • ·Arrange your bins at home ready to start.
  • ·Look at packaging when you shop, can it be recycled.
  • ·Use both sides of paper before recycling it.
  • ·Try to use online versions of newspapers and magazines instead of buying the paper copies.
  • ·Use plug-in appliances instead of battery operated ones.
  • ·Use re-usable bags when purchasing goods.
  • ·Re-use; jam jars, bottles, carrier bags, old clothes, books, unwanted gifts and household goods.
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