St Leger Homes has an Executive Management Team which consists of a Chief Executive and three Directors who specialise in managing different parts of the organisation.  Each Director has a specialist knowledge of housing and their experience and commitment help us to provide excellent services for all our customers.


Chief Executive - Susan Jordan

Susan Jordan

Susan Jordan joined St. Leger Homes in May 2009 from Six Town Housing in Bury, Greater Manchester. 

She has over 30 years experience in Housing, and has experience in steering organisations through changes, growth and audit commission inspections. 

Susan is still very passionate about making a real difference and doing things right, and has strongly held values centred on putting the customer first and delivering excellence.  


Director of Corporate Services - Julie Crook

Julie joined St. Leger Homes in summer 2010 from Nottingham City Homes.Julie has also worked at Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing, Hounslow Homes, Leeds City Council and West Yorkshire Police.


Director of Property (Technical) Services - Mick Werritt

Mick Werritt

Mick Werritt joined St. Leger Homes in May 2009 from Hull City Council.

He began his career in the construction industry, moving on to work in housing with one of the Leeds ALMO's and a tenant led Estate Management Board

Mick has experience in housing at both operational and strategic level and of Audit Commission inspections.  He is committed to providing an excellent and efficient service to St. Legers’ customers.  



Director of Housing Services - Judith Jones

Director of Customer Services - Judith Jones

Judith Jones joined St. Leger Homes in February 2006 from the Audit Commission where she worked as a Housing Inspector.

Judith’s housing career began over 20 years ago when she worked as a rent collector. Since then, she has held a variety of posts in the housing and regeneration fields giving her a wealth of experience to bring to her new role. Judith’s focus is on ensuring that St. Leger Homes works with tenants and partners to provide quality services for all St. Leger Homes’ customers which the company can be proud of.