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Welcome to St. Leger Homes

St. Leger Homes of Doncaster was set up by Doncaster Council in 2005 to manage the day-to-day running of 21,000 council homes and to deliver a major programme of Government investment to bring council homes up to the Decent Homes Standard.

We are an ‘Arms Length Management Organisation’, a limited, not-for-profit company and wholly owned by Doncaster Council.

We work in partnership with Doncaster Council and customers to provide quality homes in quality neighbourhoods in the Borough.

Latest News
View the latest version of the Houseproud magazine for tenants.
Animal magic was on the agenda for a group of young people with disabilities who are learning about how Doncaster’s community is cared for as part of a Junior PCSO scheme.
We have been alerted about false information being sent by email and social media telling people that the ‘bedroom tax’ has ended. Please ignore the messages because the rules have NOT changed.
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